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Rebates and Incentives

Many of the nation’s Water Agencies, as well as state and local municipalities, offer rebates and other incentives to property owners who implement Water Saving technologies. In fact, our team at IWC has assisted Water Agencies in creating incentive programs designed around our solutions. We work on your behalf to capture maximum savings and incentives offered by these programs.

Our team at IWC understands the programs and funding requirements of incentive programs across the United States.


We assist with each step of the process:

  • Research and identify rebate and incentive opportunities
  • Determine eligibility requirements
  • Complete and submit all applications
  • Coordinate inspections if required
  • Track the progress to ensure incentives are processed correctly so that rebate and incentive payments are received in a timely manner



  • Assistance with this process at no additional cost
  • Minimal time requirement of your staff
  • Updates regarding the processing of your incentive or rebate