Most Owners and Managers don’t, do you know?

How Much Are You Wasting On Water?

It could be more than 30 cents
per occupied room, per day

Some of our clients have
saved over $100,000 the 1st year.

Student Housing

Balancing Flows can Reduce Costs of water, sewer and energy



Great ROI – most projects less than 2 years, many less than 1



Increase Property Value by reducing operating expenses

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Reduce your water, sewer & energy costs

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IWC's Custom Flow Controllers

Flow Rates

If your property doesn’t have IWC’s
custom Flow Controllers, it doesn’t have
Balanced Flows.

IWC's Custom FLow Controllers

Flow Controller

Shower and
Sink Flow Controller

Incentives + Rebates

For Rebates

We work on your behalf to capture
maximum savings and incentives
offered by these programs.

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Conserving water will make your properties more profitable and valuable.

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