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About Us

The team at Indoor Water Conservation (IWC) provides indoor water efficiency solutions for student housing, hotels and apartments throughout North America.

Our approach to indoor water conservation is unique.

We provide innovative solutions for controlling water use that are designed to deliver consistent calibrated ideal flow rates to each faucet and shower in a property. This can be done even though water pressure may vary throughout your property.

Our Commitment:

To reduce water & sewer costs where flows are too high

To improve Guest satisfaction where flows are too low to take advantage of rebates and incentives if available

Why Indoor Water Conservation?


IWC’s solutions are designed and customized to provide the targeted shower and sink flow rates on every floor.

Off-the-shelf, quick fix products such as low flow showerheads and aerators are NOT calibrated to the unique characteristics of your property’s water systems, plumbing and fixtures. The internal components of these products are made from plastic which restricts flow. Over time, plastic degrades, causing flow rates to increase in most cases.

Our nickel plated brass solutions work in conjunction with your existing fixtures and are designed to maintain flow rates year after year.

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IWC offers these core benefits for Hospitality and Multi-Family properties

Reduction of overall water consumption while maintaining “guest” satisfaction and utility*

Reduced Water-Related Costs (i.e., Water, Sewer and Energy)*

Increased Profitability

Increased Property Value

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Compliance with Governmental Regulations

* In rare cases, flow rates are so low causing serious guest complaints. IWC’s solutions may be able to increase flow rates to levels that improve Guest satisfaction and do not waste water or related costs.

IWC delivers customized solutions for each property segment. Every property is unique. Water pressure, plumbing configurations, pumping systems as well as varying pipe sizes throughout each property can make “off-the-shelf” standardized products insufficient. This makes it virtually impossible to maximize water use utility and efficiency without a customized solution.

Our client base throughout North America, encompasses a wide range of hotel, student housing and multi-family properties.

IWC’s unique approach for Sustainable Water Efficiency includes:

Comprehensive Water audit to measure current water efficiency and determine actual water use – your property’s Current Flow Profile

Assessment of property’s potential Water and related cost savings based on your Current Flow Profile

Calibrating the “sweet spot” or Ideal Flow Profile – a fixture’s lowest possible flow rate that meets compliance standards while delivering acceptable guest/user satisfaction

Prescribed solutions to meet your Ideal Flow Profile

Calculation of the expected water related cost savings and ROI/Payback Period

Rebate and Financial Incentive Administration.