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IWC delivers customized solutions for each property segment. Every property is unique. Water pressure, plumbing configurations, pumping systems as well as varying pipe sizes throughout each property can make “off-the-shelf” standardized products insufficient. This makes it virtually impossible to maximize water use utility and efficiency without a customized solution.

Our client base throughout North America, encompasses a wide range of multi-family, student housing and hotel properties.


20% – 35%

water savings

On average, our clients report annual savings of over 20%, with a Return on Investment/Payback Period within 6-12 months.

IWC’s unique approach for Sustainable Water Efficiency includes:

Comprehensive Water audit to measure current water efficiency and determine actual water use –  your property’s Current Flow Profile.

Assessment of property’s potential Water and related cost savings based on your Current Flow Profile

Calibrating the “sweet spot” or Ideal Flow Profile – a fixture’s lowest possible flow rate that meets compliance standards while delivering acceptable guest/user satisfaction

Prescribed solutions to meet your Ideal Flow Profile

Calculation of the expected water related cost savings and ROI/Payback Period

Rebate and Financial Incentive Administration. (See Rebates Section)