The Science of Showers

Simple Concept, Technical Execution

simple concept

By giving your guests the same flow rate in every room, your property will use water more efficiently.  Not easy to achieve, but this is what we specialize in.

Why Hotels Don’t have the Best Shower Flow Rates

Balanced Flows about the 3 variations every hotel has that make it virtually impossible to have consistent sink and shower flow rates Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin

Water Audit Process

water audit

What to expect during our on-site Water Audit. What we need from you. After the audit, we prepare a detailed analysis showing: 1 – Water Savings 2 – Water, Sewer and Energy cost savings 3 – ROI and cost of the project Our solutions deliver the most efficient and sustainable use of water in showers and […]

Best Shower Flow Rates

Best Shower Flow Rates

Why most hotels have Unbalanced flows that cost you money and what we can do about it. There is no better, more efficient and sustainable way to run water in showers and sinks – period. We deliver the best flow rates for showers and sinks tailored to your specifications.

Testimonial – Regional Director of Engineering at MetWest Terra

Chris Billawalla Testimonial

Hotel Abri was our first project where we increased flow rates in showers because of constant Guest complaints. We found that increase flow rates from a range of .58 gpm to 1.58 gpm to an average flow rate of 1.8 gpm, they actually saved water and Guest complaints were eliminated. How can Indoor Water Conservation […]