About Us

The team at Indoor Water Conservation (IWC) provides water efficiency solutions for commercial, multi-family, and restaurant properties throughout North America.

Our approach to indoor water conservation is unique.
We provide innovative solutions for saving water that are designed to deliver consistent calibrated ideal flow rates to each faucet, shower and toilet in a property. This can be done even though water pressure may vary throughout your property.

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Our commitment:

Our Commitment

  • To save you money
  • To maintain guest and tenant satisfaction
  • To provide water saving solutions that are best for your properties
  • To take advantage of rebates and incentives for compliance
  • To take the guess work out and deliver expected savings


  • HMA
  • Hotel Council San Francisco
  • Hotel Association
  • Apt Association
  • CAA
  • Green Key Global

Why Indoor Water Conservation?

Off-the-shelf, quick fix products such as low flow showerheads and aerators are NOT calibrated to the unique characteristics of your property’s plumbing and fixtures. The internal components of these products are made from plastic which restricts flow in many of these devices and degrades, causing flow rates to increase over time.
Our stainless steel solutions work in conjunction with your existing fixtures and are designed to maintain flow rates year after year and can be adjusted to deliver water usage to your ideal flow rates.