At Indoor Water Conservation (IWC), our team of specialists provide customized water saving solutions that reduce and control indoor water consumption for hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings and other multi-tenant properties.

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The team at Indoor Water Conservation (IWC) provides water efficiency solutions for commercial, multi-family, and restaurant properties throughout North America.

Our approach to indoor water conservation is unique.
We provide innovative solutions for saving water that are designed to deliver consistent calibrated ideal flow rates to each faucet, shower and toilet in a property. This can be done even though water pressure may vary throughout your property.

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Our commitment:

Our Commitment

  • To save you money
  • To maintain guest and tenant satisfaction
  • To provide water saving solutions that are best for your properties
  • To take advantage of rebates and incentives for compliance
  • To take the guess work out and deliver expected savings


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Why Indoor Water Conservation?

Off-the-shelf, quick fix products such as low flow showerheads and aerators are NOT calibrated to the unique characteristics of your property’s plumbing and fixtures. The internal components of these products are made from plastic which restricts flow in many of these devices and degrades, causing flow rates to increase over time.
Our stainless steel solutions work in conjunction with your existing fixtures and are designed to maintain flow rates year after year and can be adjusted to deliver water usage to your ideal flow rates.

Indoor Water Conservation Team

Decades of Experience

Rick Skinker

Rick Skinker

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Rick Skinker, water efficiency specialist, has dedicated several years as an indoor water conservation consultant for commercial properties. His experience includes working with Water Wholesalers and Agencies in various states, including California, Oregon and Nevada, on the development of rebate and incentive programs for indoor water conservation. Rick holds a MBA in Finance and Operations from the University of Southern California as well as certifications in the Restructuring industry. His seasoned background spans over 25 years of executive level expertise in business financial performance across multiple industries, including construction and manufacturing.

Ken Leddon

Ken Leddon

Managing Director and Co-Founder

With over 30 years of executive management experience with both public and private companies, Ken’s expertise includes turnaround management consulting experience. Ken Leddon holds an MBA from Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh and a BS in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge.

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IWC offers these core benefits for
Hospitality, Restaurants, and Multi-Family properties:

Mandate List

  • water_consumption_iconReduction of overall water consumption while maintaining “guest” satisfaction and utility
  • down_arrow_iconReduced Water-Related Costs
    (ie, Water, Sewer and Energy)
  • money_iconIncreased Profitability
  • increase_value_iconIncrease Property Value
  • footprint_iconReduced Environmental Footprint
  • icon_checkmarkCompliance with Governmental Regulations



IWC delivers customized solutions for each property segment. Every property is unique. Water pressure, plumbing configurations, pumping systems as well as varying pipe sizes throughout each property can make “off-the-shelf” standardized products insufficient. This makes it virtually impossible to maximize water use utility and efficiency without a customized solution.

Our client base throughout North America, encompasses a wide range of multi-family, commercial and restaurant properties.

20% – 35%


On average, our clients report annual savings of over 20%, with a Return on Investment/Payback Period within 6-12 months.

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IWC’s unique approach for Sustainable Water Efficiency includes:

% Comprehensive Water audit to measure current water efficiency and determine actual water use –
       your property’s Current Flow Profile

% Assessment of property’s potential Water and related cost savings based on your Current Flow Profile

% Calibrating the “sweet spot” or Ideal Flow Profile – a fixture’s lowest possible flow rate that meets
       compliance standards while delivering acceptable guest/user satisfaction

% Prescribed solutions to meet your Ideal Flow Profile

% Calculation of the expected water related cost savings and ROI/Payback Period

% Rebate and Financial Incentive Administration. (See Rebates Section below)

Shower and Sink Flow Limiter Technology

% Custom calibrated based on water pressure and flow rates

% One piece construction – no moving parts

% Made in USA with certified stainless steel

% Tamper Resistant

Shower Flow Limiters

shower-flow-1  shower-flow-2

Flow rate controlled by hole size that is calibrated through water audit process

Faucet Flow Limiters

Flow rate controlled by hole size that is calibrated through water audit process faucet-flow-2

Flow rate controlled by hole size that is calibrated through water audit process

Rebates and Incentives

Many of the nation’s Water Agencies, as well as state and local municipalities, offer rebates and other incentives to property owners who implement Water Saving technologies. In fact, our team at IWC has assisted Water Agencies in creating incentive programs designed around our solutions. We work on your behalf to capture maximum savings and incentives offered by these programs.


Our team at IWC understands the programs and funding requirements of incentive programs across the United States.

We assist with each step of the process:

% Research and identify rebate and incentive opportunities

% Determine eligibility requirements

% Complete and submit all applications

% Coordinate inspections if required

% Track the progress to ensure incentives are processed correctly so that rebate and incentive
       payments are received in a timely manner


% Assistance with this process at no additional cost

% Minimal time requirement of your staff

% Updates regarding the processing of your incentive or rebate


Water management and conservation in the hospitality industry play a major role in determining the everyday operations and potential regional market growth for many properties and chains.

Hotel water consumption is likely to be the highest indoors, specifically bathrooms, but also laundry and kitchens. The challenge is to implement a water efficiency solution that obtains the ideal flow profile for each property, while maintaining guest satisfaction.

Contact us   to learn more about our customized solutions for the Hospitality industry.


Water management and conservation in the restaurant and food service industry play a major role in determining a restaurant’s everyday operations and overall profitability. In an era where food costs are on a consistent climb, the cost of water consumption can have serious impact on the restaurant’s bottom line as they struggle to avoid increasing menu prices.

Kitchen and public restroom water consumption reflect the heaviest use of water, IWC’s solutions deliver the ideal flow profile while still maintaining kitchen efficiency.

Contact us   to learn more about our customized solutions for the Restaurant / Food Service industry.


Property managers find themselves in a difficult position as they scramble to conserve on indoor water efficiency while attempting to maintain satisfied tenants and property owners who are faced with increasing water and energy bills.

Bathroom fixtures and kitchen sinks are the primary sources of water waste, but other aspects outside of the unit cannot be overlooked, including gyms and on site laundry service. A simple hardware store fix won’t withstand the heavy water use one family unknowingly consumes and they are frequently tampered with or even removed. IWC solutions are tamper resistant and provide an Ideal Flow Profile for sustainable water savings and tenant satisfaction.

Contact us  to learn more about our customized solutions for Multi-tenant / Multi-family properties.


FAQ Section

What are the components of your services?

IWC delivers a 3-phase solution program:
1 – Discovery phase: We determine your property’s “Current Flow Profile” and related costs, by measuring current flow rates and analyzing water and sewer bills.
2 – Analytical phase: Analyze the data collected from the Discovery phase and run various models and tests to determine which solution would work best for your property(s). WE ALSO ESTIMATE WATER CONSUMPTION REDUCTION AND COST SAVINGS TO CALCULATE YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT OR PAYBACK PERIOD.
3 – Managing phase: Analysis of actual usage post-installation. IWC monitors the savings and looks for abnormalities in usage that may indicate problems including undetected leaks.

We already have Low Flow devices, why do we need your services?

Many off-the-shelf low flow devices have flow rates that are higher than specified – right out of the box. This happens for several reasons, including amount of water pressure and degradation of plastic components. Off-the-shelf low flow devices also have relatively low lifespans. IWC’s solutions are designed to provide sustainable and consistent savings that last more than 10 years through a combination of custom selected and fitted products.

How much do IWC’s solutions cost?

The cost of our water saving solutions depend on what we find in the Discovery Phase of the audit. Solution costs are based on the most cost efficient and sustainable products that fit your property’s needs. As an example, hotel solutions typically range from $50 per room to $70 per room.
Contact us  to learn more.

What kind of savings do you deliver?

Customers report savings from 20% to 35%, annually.

What kind of return of investment (ROI) or payback period can we expect?

It will vary, but typically will be in the range of 6 to 12 months. This is largely driven by your property’s Current Flow Profile and the Water and Sewer rates – which are constantly increasing. The higher your Current Flow Profile relative to your Ideal Flow Profile and the higher your rates, the shorter the Payback Period.

Do you provide a written guarantee for savings?

Because there are many variables outside of our control, we cannot provide written guarantees. These variables include occupancy, user habits, undetected leaks, and the use of other fixtures, appliances or equipment that are not included in the IWC solution.

Do I need to change my faucet and shower fixtures?

No, you can continue to use your current fixtures as our fittings will only allow your targeted water flow rates to go through them.

How do your Solutions work?

In faucets and showers, they connect upstream from the Fixtures so that they can deliver a calibrated and fixed flow rate to the Fixtures. In toilets, we use reservoir displacement bags to reduce gallons per flush and allow the toilet tanks to fill sooner.

My tenants frequently remove low flow aerators and replace showerheads. How can your solutions provide sustainable, tamper resistant savings that will last year after year?

Many of our products have tamper resistant features that deter your tenants from removing them. Water Agencies and Energy Companies have learned that handing out free low flow devices (like aerators and low flow showerheads) does not produce noticeable and sustainable results. For this reason, our solutions are increasingly recognized as better, long-term solutions to water conservation.

What areas of a property have the most opportunity to save water?

Hotels: In guest rooms, showers use the majority of the water, however, by combining opportunities to save from sinks and toilets, the combined savings many times is significantly greater. In other areas of a hotel property, it will depend on the quantities and current flow rates of fixtures, equipment and appliances. The best way to determine is to let us help you conduct a thorough Water Audit.
Multi-Tenants: In units, kitchens and bathroom showers use the majority of the water, however, by combining opportunities to save from sinks and toilets, the combined savings many times is significantly greater. In other areas of a multi-tenant property, such as laundry and other locations, it, too, will depend on the quantities and current flow rates of fixtures, equipment and appliances. The best way to determine is to let us help you conduct a thorough Water Audit.

Kitchen sinks waste a lot of water, but with the approved method from the health department for thawing food by continually running water over it, how can you save water?

Kitchen faucets typically flow at rates much higher than guest rooms. In some cases, 4 to 5 times more gpm. It is important when using water to thaw food, that tight controls are in place to control the use of water efficiently.

Does your Company provide installation services?

IWC does not provide installation services. Most customers install/implement our customized solutions via their own maintenance and engineering staff. Some customers utilize third-party contractors and combine the work with non-IWC related installations, such as new angle stops or remodeling projects.

My property has already achieved LEED certification and we have installed low flow devices, we have already done everything we can, what value are your services?

Most low flow products (sinks, showers, and toilets) flow at higher rates over time. Many flow at higher rates than specified “out of the box”. Because of this, there is usually opportunity to save significantly more, while maintaining guest satisfaction. We find out just how much more there is to save.

How do the Water Agencies in California determine if a property is not saving and should be penalized?

Relative to the California Mandated Water program, your property’s current usage is measured against the same period in 2013. You need to have a thorough understanding of your Water Agency’s Targets for your property in order to determine how much you need to cut back. We assist with this process and create a custom Solution designed to comply with your Water Agency’s requirements.

Why does a property’s Water Conservation method and requirements vary depending on location?

Every state takes a different approach. For example, in California, Oregon, and Maryland, as in other areas, there are many differing conservation requirements and many different financial incentives. Typically, when a Water Agency wants to put an aggressive Water Conservation program in place, they will combine excessive use charges with fines and penalties, independent of what other agencies are doing.

If the drought in our state continues, what further Water Conservation measures will the government take?

Most likely, they will use a combination of fines, penalties, tiered and higher rate structures to enforce conservation through financially punitive means. IWC takes a unique approach that is tailored to meet the requirements of your state and the Water Agency’s district which your property resides in.

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